Antolin – The race was on!!

Dear students and parents!

The year has flown by, summer is here and regular school is almost over. Time to go to the pool, sit back and yes, read a book and hopefully a book in German. Antolin tests can be taken all through the summer. Please read and take as many tests as you like.

Looking back into March and April we had a tremendous finish. Between March 14th and April 25th 200 Antolin test were taken by 97 active participants. Two classes accomplished to read over 100 books throughout the school year: DaM4 (14 students) read 185 books. Level A2 (6 students) read 111 books!! Many classes more than doubled the number of books read. Congratulations to all active participants!

Ice cream is always a treat! Maybe Antolin will have a new incentive in the fall. Students – keep a book nearby and enjoy.

Euer Antolin                                                                                                             May 2015

Antolin Rabe