GSA Students getting top results!

AATG tAATGests have been part of January activities for many years. 51 students participated in AATG tests level 2 – 4. Of these students 14 students received a “Goldurkunde”, 10 students “Silberurkunde”, 6 students “Bronzeurkunde” – more than 50%. In Level 2 GSA students are leading the Chapter: Annika Fischer and Sophie Speth scored 99 ranking no. 1 and 2 respectively out of 285 participants total for this level. In Level 3 Alexander Melzer and Gregory Otte sharing rank no. 2 out of 235 participants, both with a score of 99. Best GSA students in Level 4 are Diana Haiden and Robbie Reily both sharing no. 12 of 210 students. All students: Congratulations to you and thank you for your commitment. Deutsch macht Spass, bleibt am Ball und am Buch!

More detailed information regarding test results can be found here:

Students, parents and teachers enjoyed the AATG award ceremony graciously hosted by Georgia Tech.