President of the German School of Atlanta Receives the Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award

Dec 13, 2008

German Consul General Lutz Görgens presented Gabriele (Gaby) Beyer, the newly elected President of the German School of Atlanta, with the “Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award” during the school’s Christmas celebration last Saturday.

Ms. Beyer was honored for her outstanding commitment in promoting excellent relations between Germany and the United States, especially in regard to her crucial role in strengthening and building the German School of Atlanta which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year.

The Friendship Award is given every year by the German Ambassador, Dr. Klaus Scharioth, to extraordinary citizens to thank them for their ongoing support of the German – American cause. These individuals come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common – their desire to create mutual understanding and to continue the international exchange of thoughts and ideas. “And today,” Consul General Görgens remarked in his speech, “there is no one more deserving to receive this award than Gabriele Beyer who over the last decade has been one of the hardest workers for the cause of German-American friendship and has therefore become an irreplaceable part of the German community in Atlanta.”

Consul General Görgens thanked Ms. Beyer for her enthusiasm and the endless energy that she has been contributing to the operations of the German School of Atlanta for the past 14 years. Her willingness to help has been contagious and has guaranteed the success of a multitude of projects.

Gaby Beyer joined the school in 1994 as a very active parent and volunteer but soon was chosen to become the Secretary of the Board. In 2006, she was elected Vice President of the Board and just this November, she became the President of the German School of Atlanta.

Gaby Beyer has also been very active in the German Church and the German-American Business Stammtisch for many years.

“As a single parent of two wonderful kids, Lukas and Hannah,” said Lutz Görgens, “Gaby has successfully mastered the many challenges of a working mother, an extremely active volunteer and a leader in the German community.